The advent of the mobile computing era spurred a gradual transformation that upended the semiconductor design and manufacturing landscape over the course of the last decade. In the coming decade, we are likely to witness a showdown between incumbent semiconductor companies and much larger software, systems and services companies that are increasingly expanding their reach down the computing stack to design custom silicon. These chip wars are being played on the global stage amid an increasingly sensitive geopolitical environment, as powerful nations move to secure their own semiconductor supply chains.

The success metrics in the new landscape will be not just higher transistor performance but higher system functionality, smaller system footprint, lower system cost and lower power. The foundry-fabless ecosystem now provides opportunities for upstart consumer electronics manufacturers as well as large OEMs to rapidly assemble off-the-shelf hardware and create competitive new products, posing a disruptive threat to incumbents. 

These changes are dramatically altering the contours of the semiconductor industry. This blog will articulate trends that are likely to have a profound impact on the global semiconductor landscape in the years to come.

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Pushkar Ranade
Writes about the history and future of computing, in particular, the evolution of the semiconductor industry in the next wave of computing.